Benton Dene Schools

Benton Dene Schools

Commando Joe

Here at Benton Dene the pupils access a programme called Commando Joe through their Challenge and Development sessions, which take place alternately every half term on Friday afternoons.

Commando Joe aims to support children and young people to develop life skills, improve attendance, develop a growth mindset and build resilience through developing core values including self-discipline, confidence and teamwork. We have access to a range of exciting and challenging tools and resources that are adapted to suit each class, age group and individual needs. 

We hope that through using the tools from this programme, every pupil can have the chance to demonstrate their abilities and experience success, as well as have lots of fun working together as a team!

During this remote learning period the Commando Joe team are posting a mission each day on their YouTube channel. You can access this by following this link.