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Benton Dene Schools

Red 1

Summer Term 2021

In T4W we will be reading ‘Big Blue Whale’ and learning about this fascinating creature of the sea. We also will be enjoying the poetry of ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. We will be enjoying sensory activities to support the development of language skills and sentence structure.

In the second half term we will be reading ‘The Lighthouse keeper’s cat’ and also ‘Rainbow fish and Big Blue Whale’. We are keeping our theme of the beach and the sea to support the development of key vocabulary.


In the first half term we will be reinforcing number skills and learning about one half and one quarter. This will be supported through a range of practical activities. The second half term will give us the opportunity to reinforce understanding of  measure - length, height and capacity and this will be supported by both our literacy and our outdoor learning.


Year 3 children will be enjoying our ’Roots and Shoots’ topic while Year 4 children will be looking at ‘Living Things’.  The whole class will be able to explore the outdoors, planting seeds and supporting nature and the environment. After half term Year 3 children will be exploring scientific investigation and Year 4 children will be focusing on ‘Habitats’.


Year 3 children will be learning about key aspects of the North East. Year 4 children will be exploring the coastline.


In Year 3 we will be exploring Ancient Egypt, learning about daily life, the importance of the River Nile as well as the Pharaohs. In Year 4 children will be considering Anglo-Saxon Britain.


Year 3 will be learning about Communities while Year 4 children will be learning about Physical Safety. Learning about how to be friendly, share and look after others, as well as how to stay safe will be reinforced throughout the term.


We will be looking at ‘Caring for others’ in RE in Year 4 and Hinduism in Year 3.


The class will be exploring different instruments of the orchestra and listening to a range of music.


Outdoor Art is the theme for this half-term with the children being encouraged to explore the outdoors and use natural materials in their work.


In Design Technology we are looking at Moving Monsters!


The class will be focusing on developing their keyboard skills.


The class will develop skills and practice them through a range of activities to engage the class. 

What will Home-School Learning look like in Red 1?
Home-School Learning this half term will be linked to the literacy topic and science - living things.

We will set a task or activity each Thursday to be returned if possible to school on Monday.

We will also send reading books home each night and ask that you try to read with your child each week.

How can you share your child’s home-school learning with us? 
We would like you to share any pictures of visits to the seaside in the next few weeks. Any opportunities that you may have to explore living things - in the garden, at the park. These can be sent into school via Seesaw in photos or in notes of what you have been doing or where you have been. Please send in any artwork/worksheets/designs/collage work.

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