Benton Dene Schools

Benton Dene Schools

Blue 6

English: Fantastic Mr Fox in Spring 1 and the Biography of David Attenburgh in Spring 2

Maths: Measure, Geometry, Number, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Geography: Where in the World are we?

History: Ancient Islam

Science: Materials and their properties in Spring 1 and Forces Spring 2

P.E. Gymnastics in Spring 1 and Hockey in Spring 2

R.E. Islam

ICT: Communication and Collaboration

What will Home-School Learning look like in Blue 6?

This half term we are focusing where we are in the world and where could we go in Geography. There will therefore be a work booklet for this half term. We ask that children complete at least 5 pieces of work/activities over the course of the half term. There are formal pieces of learning, alongside active learning opportunities including practical activities based around the topic. We will include a list of ideas for you to work on with your child.

We will also send home reading books each night and ask that you read with your child during the week.

How can you share your child’s home-school learning with us?

  • Send back any worksheets/activities/art work to school.
  • Put videos and/or photographs onto See Saw (through the message section).

 Home Learning: Science – Where are we in the World?

This half term, Blue 6 are learning about the world, where we are and what different parts of the world are like, including the tropics and the frozen regions.

Please choose 5 of the tasks below for your child to complete over the half term! Please record any work in either the book provided or on Seesaw for the team to see!

Research facts about the UK or Newcastle

Research facts about a different country and compare it to Britain

Find out what latitude and longitude Newcastle is

Name and research information about one of the continents of the Earth

Find out about what life would be like living on the Equator? How is it different to living in the UK?

Name some of the countries in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere

Look at what life is like in Australia now. Is it summer or winter there? Look at what Christmas day might be like in the Southern Hemisphere

Find out about what life would be like living in the South Pole. What animals would you see? What would the weather be like?


Choose one option please.

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