Benton Dene Schools

Benton Dene Schools

Blue 6

 Summer 1 and 2:

This term Blue 6 will be learning about:

English: The Magic Box in Summer 1 and Greek Myths in Summer 2

Maths: Measure, Geometry, Number, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Time

Geography: Where does our food come from?

History: Ancient Greece

Science: Life cycles in Summer 1 and Changing Materials in Summer 2

P.E. Cricket in Summer 1 and Athletics in Summer 2

R.E. Christianity

ICT: Making our own computer game using Kodu

PHSE: Growing up

Challenge and Development/Enterprise: Geo-cashing/Murals

What will Home-School Learning look like in Blue 6?

In history in Summer 2 we will be learning about Ancient Greece. We will find out about where Greece is and how it is different in the past to now. We will look at different aspects of Ancient Greeks lives including art, theatre and soldiers.  

Please choose 5 of the tasks below for your child to complete over the term! Please record any work in either the book provided or on Seesaw for the team to see!

We will also send home reading books each night and ask that you read with your child during the week.


Find out where Greece is and find out some facts about the country

Find out about the Ancient Greek gods. Choose one of the gods and create a fact file about them

Make a Top Trump game of the gods. Find out which is the most powerful

Build an Ancient Greek temple and label some of the key parts

Read an Ancient Greek myth and then act it out

Make a theatre mask and put on a show 


Blue 6 painted these fabulous paintings in the underpass at Cullercoats as part of an Enterprise project. They are there for everyone to see and we have had some lovely feedback from those who have seen them.

Probably the last frog watch update as we will be releasing them next week but our tadpoles have finally turned into frogs. The children have been so excited to see and share the process.

Click on the images to enlarge.

Blue 6 have been finding out where different items come from in the world. We are plotting the locations on our map. 

Today we created our own geocaching plan for another class. We then went and found our own geocach in the blue zone yard. 

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Blue 6 wrote letters to Sir David Attenburgh and Chris Packham to tell them all about our work on saving the planet. We were very lucky to get a letter back from David Attenburgh and receive this video message from Chris Packham giving us some very useful advice about what else we can do. 

Cosy Wednesday in B6

Blue 6 are nurturing a tank with tag poles in it. They are eagerly monitoring their progress. Check in regularly as we update the photos. 

Blue 6 have had a lovely time taking part in our Challenge and Development afternoon. We had to find the location using clues provided to get the letters. We then had to unscramble the letters to see if we could find out where the treasure was hidden!