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Benton Dene Schools

Red 4


This term our Talk 4 Writing English text is an information text called Tree Giants. In Maths we will cover measurement and number. Our Year 5 children are learning about life cycles in science whilst our year 6 children will study classification. During summer 1 we will be playing cricket and after the half term holiday we will be participating in athletics. In geography we will be learning about where our food comes from. In History we will be studying the Ancient Greeks. Additionally the children will develop their photography and editing skills in this term's computing lessons. We will cover Christianity in  RE and growing up in PSHE.

Red 4 have been creating their own videos using the app Splice. They've added music and commentary. We think they are budding filmmakers. 

Red 4 have been debating about whether or not it's good to be a child or an adult.

R4 have had their first orienteering adventure.