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We follow the RWI Programme which is a lively, fun way to teach phonics. The children like the pictures and symbols and they help them to remember the letter sounds. Fred the frog helps your child read words by segmenting them and blending sounds. 

 Leaflet for Parents

What is Read Write Inc ?

Saying the sounds

Blending the sounds

When our children start their learning journey through the RWI programme we begin with an adapted version using symbol supports and Cued Articulation.

To view a video about Cued Articulation click here.

Resources you can use to support your child's development at home 

Here you will find a selection of phonic resources that we have created based on the Early Letters and Sounds and the RWI programme by Ruth Miskin to support your child's learning at home as they progress through the Pre RWI and the Read Write Inc programme. 

Activity Cards to demonstrate how your child learns in school.

You could try these at home too.

Here is a link to the Oxford Owls for home. This website has some useful videos and helpful information and ideas to help your child with RWI at home.

Additional RWI flash cards that you might find useful at home.

RWI Additional Sounds Set 1 Flashcards Set 2 Flashcards Set 3 Flashcards

RWI Sound Practice Sheets Set 1

These activity sheets will support your child's handwriting and sound recognition. The order of sounds shown here is the same order your child will learn them in school. 

 m, a, s, d, t

m a s d t

 i, n, p, g, o

i n p g o

 c, k, u, b

c k u b

 f, e, l, h, sh, r

f e l h sh r

 j, v, y, w

j y v w

 th, z, ch, qu, x, ng, nk

th z ch qu x ng nk

Take a look at our Year 6 learning RWI Sets 2 and 3 sounds.