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Sports at Benton Dene                             

Here at Benton Dene School we ensure that all pupils have access to 30 minutes of physical activity a day which contributes to their recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day.  

At Benton Dene School pupils have access to at least 30 minutes of physical activity within school. We also offer a range of activities and clubs after school and during lunchtime. 

In order to ensure pupils are active for 30 minutes during the school day, all classes take part in different daily fitness sessions that are personalised to their pupils:   

  • Rebound 

  • Sensory circuits

  • Timber trail 

  • Extra playtime

  • Bikes and scooters

  • Go noodle 

  • Yoga 

  • Boot camp

  • Brain breaks (exercise) 

  • Cross curricular links - counting while exercising 

  • Swimming - Yr3

  • Daily Mile 

Keeping Active at Home 

To support pupils in keeping active at home, each half term we have given all pupils a piece of equipment to keep at home. Last Year (2020/2021) we sent home: 

Space hopper/ balance board



On our weekly newsletter we put an exercise or physical activity pupils can try at home. We sometimes link these to the equipment we have sent home so pupils and parents have some examples of  how they can use the equipment at home.

The Daily Mile

The daily mile is a simple and fun initiative to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and well-being of children regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances. 

Since the introduction in 2015, the daily mile has been adopted by over 11000 schools in the UK. The daily mile is a social activity where pupils run, jog or walk at their own pace outside with their peers. Pupils do not get changed into their PE kits to take part, they run in their uniform. 

Most children take part in the daily mile outside, pupils aim to run around the playground circuit 7 and a half times which equates to 1 mile. It is non-competitive; most children will average a mile in 15 minutes, with some doing more and some doing less. 

Some classes do the active mile in other ways, which is more suitable for their class; 15 minutes on the timber trial, an extra playtime.  Since the introduction of the daily mile, we have been able to see the positive impacts that this initiative has had on our pupils and staff.  We aim to continue promoting and encouraging our pupils to be happy, healthy and physically active. 

If you would like to find anymore information about the daily mile, please visit the website.
Take a look at some of the ways we have been keeping active.


Benton Dene School PE and Sports Premium

As a school, we strive to continue to create a culture that encourages all children to be active, healthy and enjoy sports. We aim to achieve this by offering a broad and balanced curriculum which is differentiated and personalised to meet the needs of our learners. On a weekly basis, we provide our pupils with high quality and engaging PE lessons. We also provide fortnightly swimming lessons for KS1 and KS2 pupils at the Lakeside Leisure Centre, Killingworth.

In addition, pupils have the opportunity to access rebound therapy. Rebound is the use of trampolines to provide therapeutic exercise for children with a wide range of needs. It is delivered by trained staff who work on exercises that are designed to meet each child’s individual needs. The benefits from rebound are to improve fitness, communication skills and gross motor skills.

To view our PE page and our PE Premium Funding Impact Reports click here.

Sports leaders

This year we have been successful in gaining another grant from the Big Lottery to fund our sports leaders programme. Last year a group of blue zone pupils completed the award. This year we have two classes completing the award through a company called Sports Works. The children work towards receiving a qualification in play leadership. 
This programme gives pupils opportunities to develop confidence, learn skills, improve health and develop an understanding of working both independently and as part of a team. 
Pupils will learn how to lead and run activity sessions, developing their co-ordination and motor skills, social and co-operative skills and leadership skills. 

Swimming at Benton Dene School 

We also provide fortnightly swimming lessons for KS1 and KS2 pupils at the Lakeside Leisure Centre in Killingworth.