Benton Dene Schools

Benton Dene Schools

Our Values

              Our Vision          


At Benton Dene School we will be:


We recognise that every individual is unique


  • We believe that everyone should be valued for their differences and we will promote respect, understanding and sensitivity
  • We will foster a sense of self-esteem and self-worth 
  • We want everyone to be happy, healthy, confident contributors to their community



We believe that high expectations are the key to success


  • We will set and review challenging targets for individuals, groups and the whole school
  • We will challenge everyone to “be the best that they can be” 



We recognise that a safe, stimulating, happy environment will support learning


  • We will actively support all partners in their contributions to the well-being and learning of our school, local and wider community
  • We will encourage everyone to make a positive contribution to work, social and leisure activities
  • We will support members of our school community as individuals in achieving their personal aspirations and goals



We believe that success is important to every individual


  • We will identify and nurture and creativity and communication of individuals through a broad range of experiences and challenges
  • We will recognise, measure and reward success in many ways across a range of personal, academic and social achievements
  • We will recognise every achievement however small the step