Benton Dene Schools

Benton Dene Schools

Pupil Progress

At Benton Dene School we use a number of ways to assess and evaluate pupil progress. We understand that not all pupils make progress in the same way and believe that making progress in developing skills for social and emotional growth is every bit as important as progress in National Curriculum subjects. 

It would be wrong of us as a special school not to place a great deal of emphasis on the progress that individuals make in their abilities to communicate effectively, get on with others, cope with the demands placed on them as young people in society and in developing skills for life.

We formally record and report progress in the strands of Literacy and Numeracy, but also record progress made in achieving personalised Learning Plan targets.

We are also currently developing more structured ways of measuring progress in PSHE and the progress made by our core autistic learners through a modified child centred curriculum.

The links below summarise our progress in core curriculum areas over time.