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Benton Dene Schools

Yellow 4

Home school learning links in Yellow 4 this autumn:

In English we are focusing on the books Peace at Last and Room on the Broom. There are lots of fantastic sounds that can be made in and heard in these stories, we have enjoyed making sounds in Music linked to the story. What sounds can be heard in your home? Can you make that sound?

The stories also have lots of repetitive phrases and rhyming words in them, share these books together adding expression to the phrases, are there anymore rhyming words you can think of to create a rhyming string?

In Maths we are focusing on numbers and the number system. Home activities can involve writing numerals, counting objects round the home, making sets of objects and working out how many altogether and ordering numbers.

In Science we are learning all about our bodies, what features it has on the inside and outside and how we can keep fit and healthy. What exercise do they like to do at home or what healthy snacks can you make together. In Autumn 2 we will be looking at the seasons and what changes we can see.

PE this autumn is all about different ways in which we move and in a safe space. We will be focusing on throwing and jumping with control and accuracy.

In Geography we are looking at maps of school and home, identifying features of our surroundings and moving around it using directional language. 

We will also send home reading books each night and ask that you read with your child during the week.
How can you share your child’s home-school learning with us?
* Send back any worksheets/activities/art work to school.
*Put videos and/or photographs onto See Saw (through the message section).

Yellow 4 celebrated Diwali by making beautiful Rangoli patterns on play doh using scoops and tongs to decorate it with brightly coloured rice, pasta, star anise (it smells lovely), gems and beads.

Breakfast with a difference. Children in Need Day 2020