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At Benton Dene school we use our own modified version of Talk4Writing’ following Pie Corbett’s Talk4Writing principles.

Our aim is to explore the use of storytelling as a tool to help our children build a bank of narrative patterns they can use when creating their own stories.

Our ‘Talk for Writing’ involves

  • the learning of key vocabulary
  • the learning and repeating of oral stories
  • building children’s confidence in storytelling 
  • extending storytelling into writing

This results in new stories being prepared and rehearsed prior to writing

Reading is at the heart of our English curriculum and therefor we offer a range of quality texts that cover various genres, authors, poetry and nonfiction to support developing writing across school. 

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Handwriting without Tears

Across school when our children find handwriting tricky we use an intervention called Handwriting without Tears.  We help children develop their writing skills through multisensory, play-based instruction. Children move, touch, feel and manipulate real objects as they learn essential skills for writing. 


We use music to speak to children and promote movement and memory.  Our multisensory lessons use voices, letter stories, air writing, tracing and letter games to teach letter formation and placement on lines