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“Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high quality education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self- confidence,
creativity and sense of achievement” DfE 2013 “If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing” J.M Barrie, Peter Pan.

Music is a unique and powerful form of communication that can change the way pupils think, feel and act. It combines
creativity with emotion; enabling personal expression, reflection and development. At Benton Dene, we are supported and inspired by our Music Specialist. We aim to develop children’s abilities to listen to, and appreciate, a wide variety of music. We want children to understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated. We aim to provide opportunities for children to explore and express ideas and feelings about music in a variety of ways. We want to encourage active involvement in creating and developing musical ideas using voices, instruments and technology. We want to develop a sense of group identity and togetherness through the process of composing, rehearsing and performing. We believe that all of this will increase self-discipline, self-confidence, creativity, aesthetic sensitivity and fulfilment.

We truly love music at Benton Dene: we sing at every opportunity. We use songs and rhymes to support different areas of the curriculum; we have songs to consolidate routines, and help remember rules .And of course we just sing for the joy of it: within class, zone or whole school; be it at Christmas or Easter; with other schools and groups, or out in the local community.
As well as music being an intrinsic part of our school life, it is, of course, a subject in its own right. Our music curriculum is broad, balanced and inclusive. There are four main strands: Listening and Appraising, Knowledge and Understanding, Applying and Composing and Performing. Units of work draw upon the four strands and are tailored to pupils’ individual abilities and interests. There is an opportunity to revisit and embed learning as pupils’ progress through year groups.
Our Music Specialist teaches the majority of classes in Key Stage 2 allowing her a clear overview of content, continuity and progression. This helps her to continuously develop, evolve and improve our curriculum, ensuring it remains relevant and engaging.
Having Subject Specialists across the Arts has enabled us to deliver a Performing Arts focus for our Key Stage 2 music sessions in the spring term. Here the children develop and showcase their own authentic Summer Show, enjoying the opportunity to apply their learning, with purpose and before a genuine audience. These sessions are predominantly child-led, allowing them to cultivate their own creativity. Initial ideas, script, choreography and compositions are developed, rehearsed and performed by the children. The scenery, props and costumes are designed and made by the children, as part of their Art and DT lesson

Music time is met with great enthusiasm by the children, they know when their specific music lesson happens, are familiar with the routine, and are typically keen to begin; talking or asking about a previous activity, composer or a favourite song. They become increasingly confident to share their own musical ideas with others and in performing to an audience. Their ability to apply musical knowledge when composing or appraising shows genuine, meaningful and retained learning and understanding.
Music learning is very much a practical, exploratory experience, and therefore, we record work predominantly via video. Three pieces of documented video evidence per half term provides a more formative assessment in order to monitor both access to, and impact of, the Music Curriculum. That all informs and gives concrete support to our next planning steps.

Hush Now 2020

As we aren't able to perform our Christmas Spectacular this year, all of our classes have performed 'Hush Now'. We have compiled a compilation for your enjoyment. 

Meanwhile enjoy these signed songs from Mrs McKenna.

If you would like to record your own please use Seesaw to send them to us and we will post them here. Thank you. 

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