Benton Dene Schools

Benton Dene Schools

School Closure

North Tyneside Council Statement

The council expects all schools and other education settings to be open for the full academic year, with all staff and pupils in attendance. The Department for Education (DfE) recognises the delivery of education to pupils as an essential service. It is vital that schools do everything they possibly can to stay open so that valuable lessons are not missed, exams disrupted or life made very difficult for working parents. DfE guidance emphasises the importance of taking a proportionate approach, balancing any risks arising from less supervision and minor slips and bumps against the disruption to pupils’ learning. Schools have a duty of care towards pupils and staff in their care, however, where your judgement is that the pupils or staff would face significant risk of serious injury in school or travelling to school then school closure may be appropriate. Staff and parents are responsible for ensuring that they have the resources and means available to ensure that they attend their place of employment or education at the appropriate times. The council works closely with local and regional partners to ensure that as far as possible access to all public services and facilities are available without interruption. This includes Emergency Services, Health, Local Transport providers etc.

School Specific Statement

If it becomes necessary to close the school in an emergency situation the decision will be made in full consultation with the Local Authority.

Parents/Carers will be contacted as soon as the decision to close the school has been made.  This will be done via our school texting service. Any pupil who’s parent/carer does not respond to the text will be contact by telephone using the emergency contacts information provided and in line with the priority list.

The school website will be used to supply closure information and parents/carers will be asked to check regularly for updates.

The schools are registered with the local radio stations network for school closure and updates regarding full/partial closures will be posted. Parents/Carers are asked to tune into “Metro Radio” who will supply regular reports.