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Research shows that regular attendance is essential to ensuring the progress of children, with any time off school being detrimental to their development and learning. Due to this evidence, clear systems are in place at Benton Dene School to promote, celebrate and manage each child’s attendance (please see the Attendance Policy for further details). 

At Benton Dene School we set our target of attendance at 96%, with our home-school workers keeping in regular contact with parents and carers when attendance dips below this point. The Government define Persistent Absence (PA) as attendance below 90%. This is the equivalent of 38 sessions or 19 school days missed within a year. Parents and carers of pupils falling into this category are liable for prosecution through a penalty notice. 

Our overall absence rate for the last academic year was 4.77%, however the level of PA was 15%.    In all, 18 of our pupils had attendance rates below 90% last year.






Overall Absence




Persistent Absence





In order to promote regular school attendance for your child, please:

  • Contact school on the first day of your child’s absence giving the reason and expected day of their return 
  • Avoid taking holidays during term time - holiday forms must be completed and sent into school for consideration of the head teacher
  • Make non-urgent medical and dental appointments outside of school hours.  If this is unavoidable, your child should attend school before and/or after the appointment.  If your child is within the PA bracket, you may be asked for evidence of the medical appointments 


At Benton Dene School we seek to support parents and carers in promoting positive attendance at school. If you have any difficulties in ensuring your child regularly attends school, please contact our home-school link workers so we can give you individualised support.

  • Tina Steele for Nursery/Reception and Key Stage 1 (Yellow and Green Zone).
  • Yvonne Manton for Key Stage 2 (Red and Blue Zone).