Benton Dene Schools

Benton Dene Schools

Dene Communication Centre, which is part of the authority wide commissioned Language and Communication Team, is situated within Benton Dene Schools.

Dene Communication Centre offers targeted, intensive, multi-agency intervention for nursery aged children who have identified speech, language and communication needs. This may be provided by attendance at the DCC nursery classroom for 2 days per week over an eight week block (in-reach), or as an outreach provision in the child's current nursery setting. Decisions about the type of provision offered to children who are referred to DCC are made following the selection panel meeting when places are allocated, the aim is to ensure that the child receives the type of support that will promote the most sustained progress for them.

The team is staffed by a specialist teacher, special support assistants, speech and language therapists and has educational psychology input.

How do children access the DCC provision?

For children to be referred to DCC they must be attending an Early Years provision within North Tyneside.

Places for both the in-reach provision (when children attend the DCC nursery at Benton Dene School) and the out-reach offer (when support is provided within the child's current setting) are allocated through referral via the LEAPS panel. Both a DCC form and a LEAPS form should be completed with information from school staff, the child's speech and language therapist and parents/carers.

Curriculum, Planning and Delivery

  • Children experience a range of nursery activities in accordance with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum with an emphasis on speech, language and communication skills.
  • Activities are carefully planned to meet each child's speech, language and communication needs following consultation with the child's Speech and Language Therapist, mainstream setting and parents/carers.
  • We promote positive attitudes in children to themselves and others, which will enable a child to progress socially.
  • The DCC offers a total communication environment where a range of visual strategies are used to help support children's speech, language, communication and learning.
  • We encourage parents/carers to work in partnership with the DCC, mainstream teachers and the child themselves, so that together we can provide  high quality learning experiences, guidance and resources.
  • We deliver structures speech and language activities in as many enjoyable  and fun ways as possible.  

 Three DCC blocks are held during each school year, in the autumn, spring and summer terms. 

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