Evidence shows that the better the school attendance the more likely pupils will succeed at school and poor attendance affects the pupils’ level of attainment.

 Because of the evidence, the Government has made some important changes to the way in which is defines Persistent Absence (PA). As from 1st September 2015, the threshold for PA has been reduced to 10%, an equivalent of 38 sessions or 19 school days missed in a school year.  Parents and carers of pupils falling below this threshold are liable to prosecution. 

 Attendance at Benton Dene School has always been and remains exceptionally high and in fact puts us in the top 10% of similar schools nationally. As a school, we set our target for attendance at 96% and work closely with pupils, parents and carers and the Educational Welfare Service to achieve this.

 Our overall absence rate for the last academic year was 4.77%, however the level of PA was 11.02%.    In all, 13 of our pupils had attendance rates below 90% last year.







Overall Absence





Persistent Absence






In order to promote regular school attendance for your child, please:

  • Contact school on the first day of your child’s absence giving the reason and expected day of return
  • Avoid taking holidays during term time
  • Make non-urgent medical and dental appointments outside school hours. If this is unavoidable your child should not have the full day off school to attend an appointment

 Benton Dene School clearly recognises that children will be ill or that there may be issues effecting regular attendance. If you are having difficulties ensuring that your child attends school regularly, please contact your child’s class teacher initially so that we can give you the necessary support.