At Benton Dene School we follow an adapted version of the History National Curriculum. Each zone has a different time period to focus on: In Green Zone we focus on our family history and local people. In Red Zone, we look at the Anglo-Saxons  and Vikings, Egyptians and Famous Explorers whilst in Blue Zone we learn about Romans, Mayans and Greeks. As it is the 100th anniversary of the First World War, we will be doing lots of activities in Autumn around WWI and the effects it had on Britain and the world. 
We complete lots of fun activities and visit local sites. 
There are many fantastic sites in the local area, why not go on a visit to some of them? 
Local History: 
Stephenson Railway Museum   https://stephensonrailwaymuseum.org.uk/
Romans: Arbeia Roman Fort  https://arbeiaromanfort.org.uk/
Vindolanda  www.vindolanda.com/
Anglo-Saxons and Vikings: Jarrow Hall (formally Bede's World):  https://www.jarrowhall.org.uk/
Egyptians: Great North Museum:  https://greatnorthmuseum.org.uk/