The Art and DT curriculums have been designed to allow a wide exploration of different mediums such as different drawing and painting mediums, clay, Modroc, wire, woodwork, sewing. This is to support the development of key skills, while offering creative, inspiring and relevant topics of interest to our pupils.


Within Art, pupils are given the opportunity to experience projects linked to drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles (decoration), printing and collage, as well as photography. We learn about current and past artists and architects who have created work in these areas.

Activities are may be skills based to support pupil’s development of a certain skill or creative and messy to allow pupils to explore the medium, and we emphasis key vocabulary to support learning, and relevant cross curricular links to other subjects. Many of our topics are adapted from the fantastic art resource website AccessArt, of which we are a member.

Where possible we work with artists in the local community. We recently ran an afterschool club through Baltic Art Gallery’s Baltic Stars programme and had our work displayed at the Gallery!

Our Twitter  page is Art_BDS  please follow us.


Design Technology:

Our DT curriculum has a particular focus on developing practical skills such as sewing, woodwork, paper and card construction and design. We use and explore real life examples and take inspiration from current and historical design as stimuli. The main areas of study are linked to materials, construction, mechanics, textiles (key skills such as weaving and stitching) electronics and computing, as well as a strong focus on using tools and skills when making products.

Topics are carefully differentiated to meet the pupil’s individual skills and key skills are revisited throughout the year groups so that skills are built on over time. There is often a strong link to maths, science and IT. Pupils are encouraged to explore and test materials and designs, different ways of joining materials and simply the enjoyment of using tools  - woodwork lessons are always fun!