Challenge and Development

On Friday afternoons children have the opportunity to access a wide range of activities during Challenge and Development. In the Spring term these activities will include; Horse Riding, Skiing, Bike Riding, Orienteering, Sports sessions at Northumbria University, Rock-climbing and Woodland Adventure. Challenge and Development aims to build the children’s confidence and broaden their interests  through giving them new and exciting opportunities.

  There have been lots of exciting trips and fantastic achievements this term in Challenge and Development. Green 8, Red 2 and Blue 5 showed amazing bravery whilst learning to body board at the Flowrider. Red 3 and Red 4 will be taking on the same challenge next half term. Red 3 and Blue 6 developed their team work skills whilst learning to play ultimate frisbee.

    Meanwhile, Blue 7 and 8 have taken to the ice showing determination to master the skill of skating. Blue 6 will also be ice skating in Spring 2.

    In Green Zone Green 6 have shown confidence whilst learning to rock climb at Burnside Climbing Wall. Green 8 have also shown amazing determination whilst trampolining in school.

   Yellow Zone have been developing their communication and leadership skills whilst taking on orienteering projects in school.